Dinner Reservations
(for Members and Invited Guests)

The Chapter has an urgent need for two to four volunteers to take over the Hospitality Committee. Ron and Sharon Russell, our current Committee members, will be leaving the Committee after the December Chapter Dinner, so we must have replacements, who can begin preparing now, to ensure a smooth transition of Committee responsibilities.
The Hospitality Committee Chairman is a Chapter Board position that requires four to five hours per month.  If you are interested in supporting the Committee, that manages our monthly Chapter Dinners, please call Ron Russell, 402-397-4244, to discuss what is involved. The chapter needs you.

Date: Wednesday, September 19th , 2018
After dinner, M/Gen Rick Evans will speak about the new STRATCOM HQ.

Remember the expression, “The more, the merrier”?  We ask you to make our meetings better, with your presence.  We strive to provide a good meal, a stimulating program, and camaraderie.  We’ll do our best to provide the first two, but only you can increase the camaraderie we share.  Please attend.
Time:   Social Hour – 6PM
Dining Hour – 7:00PM
Place: Anthony’s Steakhouse
7220 F Street – Omaha
Meal selections are as follows:

Chicken Marsala Breast w/Herbal Red Potatoes & Green Beans Almondine - $23.65
_____________- With Spumoni Ice Cream - $26.65___________

Sliced Roast Pork Tenderloin w/Herbal Red Potatoes & Green Beans Almondine - $27.60
_____________- With Spumont Ice Cream - $30.60____________

Chef Salad - $17.00
_____________With Spumoni Ice Cream - $20.0______________

RSVP: Lt Col Ron & Sharon Russell - Tel: 402-297-4244 -

Please specify names of attendees, meal choices and
include a phone number in case we need to contact you.
Reservations should be in by Monday night before the dinner!  If you must cancel your reservation, please call Ron at (402) 297-4244 prior to 4:00 pm on the day of the event; otherwise the chapter will be charged if you are a NO-SHOW and we will have to send you a bill for the cost.
New check writing procedures:  Make your check out to Heartland Chapter MOAA
use our stamp which will be provided at sign-in

Dress: Business attire or as appropriate