Remember the old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


Please send your U.S. Congress members a message to stop the politics and to honor the country’s obligations to those who have protected and sacrificed for it. You can check their vote by clicking on MOAA’s Legislative Action Center.


The important thing is to contact them and stop this before it damages the very structure and system that ensures the safety of our nation and our freedoms.


You can also use MOAA’s toll-free Capitol Hill hotline, 866-272-6622 and ask the Capitol operator to connect you with the Representative or Senator’s office.  


You can gripe and complain but if you do not get involved, then our country’s security and future is in dire straits.


Gastronomical Bombshell

(no one thought it would ever happen. Though many of us pined and dreamed of such a change, it always seemed too difficult to achieve…..

BUT, our erstwhile dinner planners have done it!!!

We NOW have the opportunity to have desert with our meals at Anthony’s.

Read & heed their letter below – pj)

“Hello Everyone,

 I've attached a proposed meal selection page for the MOAA Newsletter. You can see we have changed the page to offer an optional desert for those who may want one. We have had a few suggestions from our members concerning adding a desert, so we would like to respond. Although the desert selection may vary month to month, only one type of desert will be offered for each dinner meeting, to avoid confusion. Hopefully, Anthony's will have a fourth colored poker chip to go with the three we use now to denote those receiving a desert. If not, we have poker chips that can be used. Our members will be able to select a desert or not at the time they make their reservations. Please advise us regarding the desert selection.”

-- Ron and Sharon Russell, 402-297-4244   

Three cheers for Sharon & Ron!!!